Danish support to South- South workshop

What can developing countries learn from China in regard to handling climate changes? This is the topic for a Danish supported workshop in Beijing in these days, which gathers representatives from a number of developing countries to discuss south-south co-operation on climate technologies.

October 19-20, UNDP and the Chinese Science- and Technology Ministry (MOST) are hosts for the Danish supported workshop in Beijing, focusing on south-south co-operation in science and technology for the purpose of handling climate changes.

China is itself affected by climate changes and through the years it has developed cheap and practicable technologies for handling climate changes, which the developing countries with advantage can benefit from their efforts in fighting and adjusting to the climate changes.

Denmark supports the workshop financially and helps making sure, there is a strong participation from developing countries in Africa.

Minister Counsellor from the Danish Embassy Søren Jacobsen spoke at the opening of the workshop.

“You cannot create a globally sustainable development without finding solutions on climate problems. Today climate changes already deprive many poor people of their livelihoods and possibilities to improve their situation. Denmark will therefore enhance the developing countries’ access to reliable and sustainable technologies and energy types to handle climate changes. A strengthened co-operation with China is one of the ways, for developing countries to get access to the right climate technologies, and today’s workshop is therefore an important step in the effort to secure the much needed transfer of technology to developing countries,” said Minister Counsellor Søren Jacobsen.     

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