Sino- Danish cooperation on renewable energy

October 19, China Wind Power Development Roadmap 2050 was launched at the opening day of the China Wind Power seminar in Beijing.

Financed by the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development (RED) Program and the British Embassy, the project of China Wind Power Development Roadmap was conducted by the RED Program and the Energy Research Institute (ERI) with the close technical support of International Energy Agency (IEA) and other domestic organizations.

“China Wind Power Development Roadmap 2050 is one of the RED Programme’s key deliverables and it convincingly demonstrates how China could further expand its already huge wind market to 1000 GW by 2050. I hope this research will provide valuable inputs to the Chinese government in its efforts to develop and implement the 12th five year renewable energy plan as well as guide the development of the wind industry,” said Minister Counsellor Søren Jacobsen and continued:

“China plays an increasingly important role in the global wind industry and joint projects between Chinese and international stakeholders like Denmark are beneficial to the global as well as China’s wind industry development.”

The Sino-Danish cooperation on renewable energy, including wind power, started 5 years ago and it has gained considerable momentum with the implementation of the Wind Energy Development (WED) and the current Renewable Energy Development (RED) programmes.

The RED programme has been under implementation since 2009 and focuses on the establishment of a National Renewable Energy Centre (NREC) in China as well as the development of wind energy strategies. The programme contributes to the decision-making process in China regarding renewable energy planning and strategy development.

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