Sweden took part in the EU Anti-Trafficking Day

The Embassy of Sweden and the Delegation of the European Union to China commemorated the EU Anti-Trafficking Day by organising a seminar under the headline Preventing Trafficking in Women – International, Regional and Chinese Experiences.

The seminar gathered around 50 participants and the speaker list included experts from Ministry of Public Security, All China Women’s Federation, International Organization for Migration (IOM), ILO and EU colleagues who are part of Foreign Law Enforcement Community in China (FLECC).

The seminar addressed the situation regarding trafficking in women in China, in a regional and international context. Chinese and international experts discussed the various aspects of trafficking in women, such as prevention, protection, prosecution of traffickers and rehabilitation of women subjected to trafficking. The focus of the seminar was on how China and Europe can learn from each other’s experiences and cooperate more efficiently in order to stop trafficking in women.

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