Grundfos donate pumps to China

The Danish company Grundfos donates pump systems for education purpose to Harbin Institute of Technology in China – again.

November 3, the donation of pumps system event took place in Harbin. Among the participants were Vice Mayor of Harbin, Mr. Zhang Xianyou, Minister Counsellor from the Danish Embassy, Mr. Søren Jacobsen, Mr. Peter Yan, PR Director of Grundfos China and Mr. Egon Hygom Poulsen, R&D Director of Grundfos China.

Vice Mayor of Harbin Mr. Zhang Xianyou spoke at the event and thanked Grundfos for their contribution to Harbin Institute of Technology and its students and talked about the long term relations between China and Denmark:

“Harbin and Aarhus are old friends as sister cities. It was established in 1984 and since then both cities have carried out a lot of exchange programs in different fields of trade, science and technology, culture and education. Furthermore, Harbin Institute of Technology signed an agreement with Aarhus University in 2010 to develop educational cooperation, and they have carried out some projects already,” said Mr. Zhang Xianyou.

Minister Counsellor Søren Jacobsen emphasized the good relationship and long cooperation between Harbin and Denmark.

“The Danish government has realised the importance and value of cooperation with China. The Embassy urges Danes and Chinese to interact as much as possible culturally, socially and commercially,” said Søren Jacobsen, Minister Counsellor from the Danish Embassy in Beijing and continued:

“Each year, Grundfos invests in R&D, talent training, support to education ec. Both Harbin Institute of Technology and Grundfos have a long term strategic development view, taking innovation and creation as the core of R&D concept. This cooperation represents a win-win combination, setting up a strong base for a further cooperation in future R&D.”

Grundfos donated another 3 pump systems, VSD Water Supply System, Magna Closed-Circuit System, Wastewater Treatment System in 2011. This contributes to enhance students’ mindset of system integration and energy conservation, and a HIT-Grundfos Pump Laboratory is formed up for the education.

This is not the first time Grundfos has made a donation to Harbin Institute of Technology. In 2005 Grundfos donated 24 pumps to School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, for education purpose.

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