Norwegian dies in suspicious circumstances

A Norwegian was found dead in his Central Pattaya apartment on Sunday and Police believe the death to be suspicious. Just after 3.30pm Police were called to the Niran Grand Condo Building B1 and to a room occupied by Mr. Leif Olsen aged 70.

He was lying naked on the floor and appeared to be clenching the feet of a chair. His feet were entangled in power cable attached to an electric fan. There was also a broken plant pot next to the body and a broken window frame. Marks were also evident on Mr. Olsen’s back.

It is clear that some form of struggle occurred prior to his death but Police are unsure if he died as a direct result of the disturbance or after the event. A cleaner, who makes regular visits to the room, suggested Mr. Olsen was always clean and tidy and did not drink or smoke.

His body has been taken to the Police Forensic Institute in Bangkok for a post mortem examination and the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok are providing assistance to Mr. Olsen’s family.

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