Vietnam produces “The Little Match Girl” 3D cartoon

The famous story by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen has been transformed into a three dimension (3D) cartoon by Vietnamese film makers.

Trailer of “The Little Match Girl” 3D cartoon was posted on the Internet on November 22 and it was commented by hundreds of viewers.

The 3D film is a production by True-D Animation, a newly-established cartoon studio in Vietnam.

The 1.23-minute trailer tells the story which is very familiar story to children in the world. The main character, the match girl, is portrayed very lively, with big round and innocent eyes and the expressive face. The ancient context of the Northern Europe with snow-cover roofs is also created lively.

Many viewers commented proudly that if Hollywood’s 3D cartoons are marked ten marks, Vietnam’s “The Little Match Girl” is worthy 7 or 8 marks. They said that this product is a good sign for the development of 3D film making techniques of Vietnam.

Some were disappointed because they expected to see a 3D cartoon telling a Vietnamese story like Tam Cam, the Legend of Betel and Areca rather than a foreign story.
Notably, film makers from the True-D Animation have not been trained of making 3D animation.

A member of the film crew said they learnt the 3D animation techniques from the Internet.

“The Little Match Girl” is only 6.30 minute long.
A member of True-D Animation said that lack of human resources is one of the difficulties for producing 3D animation in Vietnam. The film crew has over ten members and all members had to try at their best to produce “The Little Match Girl”. Each member had to do 2-3 different tasks.
True-D Animation’s representative said that “The Little Match Girl” is the first project in which the group’s members practiced their skills. The group now works on the second 3D animation project, based on a Vietnamese story. The company aims to make long 3D cartoons in the future.
True-D Animation is seeking the distributor of its first product this Christmas. If the cartoon cannot go to cinemas, the producer will post it on Youtube as the New Year gift.


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