Swedes stay out of new lottery bid

A Swedish company has declined to make a second bid for a large gambling system project by GLO, the Government Lottery Office of Thailand.
     It is the very high penalties, with no cap and a requirement for joint and several liabilities, in GLO’s request for proposal, RFP, which has discouraged a new bid from the Swedes.
     Last year, the Swedes, its Australian partner plus the mandatory Thai partner, formed a consortium and went to tender for the huge GLO-project.
     That tender process was cancelled and a modified RFP was issued but with the same requirements in terms of penalties and joint liability.
     The selected vendor is supposed to deliver and a operate a nation-wide digital lottery system, that shall allow for a number of online games.
     The selected vendor will earn its money solely through a five-year revenue sharing agreement with GLO.
     This is also one obstacle in the process, since there is no business plan from GLO to inform about price on a bet, when and how new games will be introduced etc, so how can one estimate revenue streams? wonders the consortium.
     Scandasia has learned that the Swedish and Australian embassies in Thailand have written a letter to the Deputy Minister of Finance in Thailand, complaining over the conditions set in GLO’s RFP.
     Furthermore, they expect the continued process to be fair and transparent and holding on to all RFP requirements in a final contract.
     If not it will actually be against the law, it is alleged by the discouraged parties, and in breach of for example the newly signed FTA with Australia.

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