A new and innovative approach to build a resort

MAXXITo the naked eye the stunning villas of The Royals Sands may look like any other luxurious 5-star resort but Thai Swedish-owned, Maxxi Factory, used a new and innovative approach to build the villas. Maxxi Factory are prefabricating components of the villas before assembling them on the site.

“What makes this technique unique is that a 5-star resort normally has at least a 3 years production plan but our villas are all set up and ready to be moved into within a year” Emma Johansson, the director of Maxxi Factory, says, and explains that the company has a slogan saying ‘9 turnkey ready homes assembled in 3 weeks or less”

MaxxiThe production of the prefab houses start at Maxxi’s factory in Thailand. The villa’s walls, floor, roof truss are all premade in the factory to ensure that weather conditions neither delay nor harm the production.

“We are building villas not only fast using minimal labour but we’re also offering quality and punctuality” Emma Johansson states.

Once the premade parts are done, they will be loaded on a truck and transported to the construction site to be assembled.

“In the morning I will walk onto the construction site and see a house with no walls, by the end of the day all the walls are up and we’re onto the next step”, Eric Johansson, Founder of Maxxi Factory, tells us.

The next step then will be for Maxxi’s installation team to focus on the interior work. The interior work consists of plumbing, electrical connections, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) furniture and kitchen fittings.

MaxxiAnother distinctive technique that Maxxi uses is the way they build their furniture. They build their furniture with EPS. For the villas on The Royal Sands they made the couch, bed and even Jacuzzi from EPS. This meant that their furniture weighed almost to nothing compared to regular furniture. Despite the light weight of the products the durability is high and quality is impeccable. This technique can be used to make all sorts of furniture.

As Maxxi has slowly emerged to the market in Cambodia and they are looking forward to more projects not only in Cambodia but other countries in Asia as they believe this technique will be able to offer homes to the public faster and better.

If you’d like to see the progress on The Royal Sands project, you can visit Maxxi’s Youtube Channel

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