A wiggle room for visa overstayers to avoid blacklisting

Thaivisa.com reported on July 24 that it was told by the Immigration Bureau that the new regulation that would impose harsh punishment, including blacklisting, on visa overstayers and those guilty of fraud or misuse of visas, has not come into effect.

Photo: Immigration Bureau
Photo: Immigration Bureau

The popular community website for expatriates in Thailand said “if you currently are on overstay, you are advised to clear it as soon as possible. Good advice would be to clear the overstay at the Airport and fly out to a neighbouring country and obtain a relevant visa at a Royal Thai Consulate or Embassy.”

“So for now, there is no blacklisting yet, according to the Immigration notice (photo). However blacklisting for overstay is awaiting approval from The Ministry of Interior.

Source: Thaivisa.com


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