After 10 years Danida still makes difference for Thai wildlife

Visiting the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uffe Wolffhechel, Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand, got to see first-hand how Denmark’s development cooperation, Danida, projects make a long lasting difference.

The project has consisted of know-how transfer, better sustainability and involvement of many groups living in the area. The concept of the project has since been copied in other regions and areas.

During the visit the delegation got to meet some of the people who started the project and also the ones carrying on today.

“The Danida support has created some of the significant things for protected area management in Thailand. I think we see the impact still there; the concept of ecological system management is still there and extends to other protected areas in Thailand,” said Klairoong Poonpon, Director of Thai Wildlife Conservation.

The ambassador was accompanied by Michael Andersen and Palle Havmøller, who have both worked closely with the project.

“I never dreamt that ten years after the project was handed over to the Thai government fully, and support from Danida ended, I never dreamt they would actually be carrying out the activities they do. Much of it is a result of the partnership between the Danish government and the Thai government,” said Michael Andersen, Biologist and Director of Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Palle Havmøller, who is a fomer project manager, have worked in international projects with international companies for more than 50 years. He said his work have brought him many very good experiences, but still consider working with Daninda and the Western Forest Complext Project one of the best.

“When you visit now still hear about the effect from Danida’s support that still have affected the project. So that it gratifying,” said Havmøller.

See video from the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok here!

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