Aller Aqua inaugurated Qingdao aquaculture factory

On the 31 October Aller Aqua Group inaugurated its sixth factory – Aller Aqua Qingdao factory.

Anders C. Bylling is the Managing Director of Aller Aqua Qingdao and son of Hans Erik Bylling. Anders explains that the process of building a factory in China has been long. “We have had some delays along the way, but we reached our goal. Our Chinese team has worked exceptionally hard to have everything ready for the inauguration. It has been a very good day with almost 200 participants for the opening itself, and almost 300 participants to the International Cold Fish Aquaculture Technology Seminar we organized the day before.”

The factory in China will focus on the growing cold-water species aquaculture industry in China. And it has therefore been natural for Aller Aqua Qingdao to facilitate the first International Cold Fish Aquaculture Technology Seminar on the 30th October in Qingdao. The host of the seminar was the renowned Heilongijang River Fisheries Research Institute (HRFRI) of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Science. The program included many interesting speakers from both China and Europe, a visit to Aller Aqua Qingdao and concludes with a shuttle bus to China Fishery Expo.

Aller Aqua Qingdao will have a production capacity of 45000 ton annually. The factory is Aller Aqua’s first in Asia and Hans Erik Bylling considers it essential: “The factory will increase our competitiveness in China, with shorter delivery times to key markets.” The factory will export to both Korea and Vietnam.

Aller Aqua produce fish feed for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture. That is the brief presentation, but it doesn’t even come close to covering the entire story. Aller Aqua is a family owned company with roots tracing back more than a thousand years. We have produced fish feed for more than 50 years, and this makes us one of the worlds most experienced fish feed producers, delivering some of the best products on the market, to our customers.

They chose to establish themselves in China without a Chinese partner. Hans Erik Bylling explains: We chose to establish the factory without a local partner to ensure that we can continue to deliver the products that the customers are familiar with. We have delivered high quality aqua feed to China for the last 20 years., produced under the European standards, and we will continue to run the factory like we would in Denmark. We will do this by sourcing the raw materials in Europe, and ensure a highly trained local team which knows how to comply with the European standards.”

The head office of Danish Aller Aqua Group is located in Christiansfeld. The company produces fish feed for more than 60 countries worldwide in factories in Denmark, Polans, Germany and Egypt, Zambia and China. The addition of the two new factories and the third production line in Egypt will double the production capacity. All in all the company employs approximately 270 people and has a total turnover in the region of Dkk 1 Billion.

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