Alpine Sale expands and opens office in Denmark

With the opening of a new branch in Aarhus, Alpine Sale located in Hua Hin, Thailand, is increasing its market share while optimizing the benefits of having offices in Thailand. The new office is offering genuine opportunities and personal development for its new employees.

Alpine Sale is becoming an increasingly global company. The Thai office has recently expanded to cover Sweden after landing a contract with data storage company TrustBox. Now the founder of Alpine Sale Rasmus Møller and longtime employee Magnus Nybo Andersen is starting up a new branch in Denmark under the name Rama Group.

The new office in Aarhus opened the 1st of July 2014 and is an expansion on Danish soil. But it will be used as a recruitment base for the Thai department as well, making it possible for new employees to try out telemarketing before moving to Thailand.

When you ask the leader of the new department Magnus Nybo Andersen the goal is clear; he wants Rama Group to be Denmark’s best telemarketing company, equally in the eye of the customer and employee.

“When somebody stops working at my place, they should recommend it to their friends and family. I want to create a workplace where people are proud to work. Telemarketing hasn’t got the best reputation. Especially because it is inevitable to get a lot of rejections over the phone, it can be a very hard job” he says.

To make sure new employees feels safe and get a thorough introduction, Magnus has produced a detailed 5 week training schedule. After the startup period there will continuously be a strong focus on developing the employees’ sale skills and career opportunities.

Anyone can learn sales

Magnus Nybo Andersen has a long story in Alpine. He started working as a telemarketing salesman at one of Rasmus Møllers former companies in Copenhagen 5 years ago. When he started selling he had no experience and was as an exceptionally bad salesman.

“When I started I had to sell 65 cellphone subscriptions in 5 weeks. Within 3 weeks I had managed to sell only 2 subscriptions. But eventually I learned the tricks and after 5 weeks I had sold 67 subscriptions,” Magnus says.

The breakthrough gave him a feeling of success. Teaching new employees how to sell and being able to give them similar experiences of accomplishment is one of the things that motivate Magnus the most.

“Everyone can learn how to sell if they want to, all they need is ambition. It might be difficult for some, but others are naturally gifted. One of our new employees just earned around 10.000 kroner in commission during his first 4 days,” Magnus says.

The Thai connection

One of the things that set Rama Group apart from its competitors is their direct ties with Alpine Sale in Thailand. The plan is to make it easier to change between the departments so the employees in Denmark can take a couple of months in Thailand and vice versa.

You either apply for a job at the department in Aarhus or Thailand. But if you have never worked in telemarketing before and apply for the job in Thailand, you will have a training period in Aarhus first, so you can figure out if telemarketing is something for you, before you travel to the other end of the globe.

“I want to become sales manager and I want to get an experience for life,” is what Magnus told Rasmus Møller when he started in Thailand and was asked what he wanted from his stay in Hua Hin. Magnus got his experience and in less than a year he became a sales manager.

Getting bigger and better

Magnus enjoys setting goals and fighting to achieve them, a good mentality in a company where you don’t just lean back in a comfortable chair and wait for the monthly paycheck to arrive. Not standing still has given Magnus an opportunity to develop himself.

“I did not want to become a sales manager because of the money. The pay was approximately the same. I did it because I wanted new challenges and to evolve on a person level,” Magnus says.

Even the name Rama Group indirectly reveals the desire to constantly develop the business. It is called group so that they can open more branches in the same name.

Up and running

Close to the train station and numerous bus routes the new office is located at Viby Square in Aarhus. At the moment they have a foosball table and a nice little roof terrace. But the 1st November the office is moving into larger premises downstairs, were the loss of the terrace might be compensated with a spare time area, with all kinds of fun activities.

In the first 5 weeks new employees have a secured a wage. To be hired on a permanent basis, the employee should sell around 35 subscriptions a month within the first 3 months of their employment. Magnus will not hesitate to recommend the telemarketing business for potential applicants, as sales is an invaluable skill to have in business.

“This is one of the few jobs where you can come in as an uneducated 18 year old and earn more money than your parents in less than 5 weeks. I could not have studied my way to the knowledge that I have got in my years of working in telemarketing,” he says.

Rama Group and Alpine Sales are currently seeking new ambitious employees. If you are interested you can read more about the job here.


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