Ambassador Gunn Jorid Roset says Goodbye Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Norwegian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said this week their goodbyes to Ambassador Gunn Jorid Roset who has finished her four-year tour as the ambassador to Malaysia and Brunei. 

According to the Embassy, Ambassador Gunn Jorid Roset has, along with further strengthening Norway’s and Malaysia’s bilateral ties also had the chance to visit every single state in Malaysia during her time in the country.

“We wish her a safe trip back to Norway where she will be greeted by the Norwegian summer,” the Embassy writes.

Saying her own goodbyes, the Ambassador tweeted, “Grateful for 4 years in a beautiful and interesting country. Stay tuned for more info about Norwegian and Malaysian relations when my successor arrives and follow the Embassy accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Take care friends!.”

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