An afternoon with Nordic Ambassadors, film enthusiasts

It will be two interesting days end of September (27th-29) with two movies from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden screened at The Quartier CineArt, 4th Floor at the Emquartier.

All four Nordic countries will present two movies each. Friday the 27th 2019 at 6 pm Finland is screening “MY STUFF”, a documentary comedy which is allowed for all ages.

At 8 pm, the Danish movie “DARLING” will be screened. This film sounds very interesting to me. It’s all about a famous ballerina and how her world breaks down when she one day during a rehearsal collapses in pain. Prognosis: her hip is worn out and she will not be able to dance as Giselle, one dream role for female dancers. It’s a tragedy, but she decides to help a young ballerina to become Giselle.

On Saturday 28th, you can watch “I AM WILLIAM” at 3 pm. This is a Danish production and the genre, Adventure. Suitable from age 7. At 5 pm, Sweden movie “MONKY” will be screened. It’s a fun story about an ape and that takes a family from Sweden to Thailand’s jungle.

At 7.30 pm it’s the movie “WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY”‘s turn, a Norwegian drama production. This sounds also very interesting to me. A young Norwegian-Pakistani girl is living two different lives. With her friends she is an outgoing, normal Norwegian teenager, but with her family, she turns into a father’s daughter and Pakistani dads don’t appreciate Norwegian boyfriends. She is sent  to Pakistan to learn to accept her countries traditions and rules.

Sunday the 29th at 3 pm, you can watch “THE LIVERPOOL GOALIE”, which is a Norwegian comedy for all ages.

At 5 pm “ONE LAST DEAL”, a Finnish movie about an elder art dealer who sees an old painting at an auction and together with his grandson, they start investigate the painting.

The last movie screened at 7.30 is “BECOMING ASTRID”. It’s a biography about the famous author Astrid Lindgren and in my opinion, a must to see.

All these movies you can sign up for for free.

Media, sponsors and VIP’s were very well greeted at H.E. Mrs. Satu Suikkari-Kleven’s residence. A tempting coffee table, with Swedish cinnamon buns and other delicatessen, was offered the guests.

An interesting and very pleasant afternoon.

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