Applying for Finnish citizenship comes with a higher price tag in 2021

Migri office sign. Photo: Migri.

It is more expensive to apply for Finnish citizenship as well as Residence permit for employed and self-employed this year. The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) has published the new fees set by the Ministry of the Interior on their website.

The Ministry of the Interior issues an annual decree at the end of the year and according to the last decree of the Ministry, issued just before Christmas, processing fees for citizenship applications on paper now cost an extra EUR 70 and tallies at a total of EUR 590. Online applications cost EUR 460 which is EUR 40 more than in 2020.

Work is, along with family ties, the main reason for applying for a residence permit in Finland. Residence permits based on family ties have not been raised but the fees for a residence permit for employed and self-employed persons, however, have been seen an increase of EUR 50

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