Arctic symposium in equatorial Singapore

The first Norway – Singapore Arctic Symposium was held in March in Singapore.

The symposium was the result of a collaboration between Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy. The conference aimed to create awareness about the developments in the Arctic, focusing on the opportunities and associated risks for vessels and offshore operations. The initiative came after Singapore was admitted as a permanent observer to the Arctic Council last year.nor_sg_arctic

Norway is supportive of greater involvement from the permanent observer countries like Singapore in all areas in the High North, from policy to climate change and economic activity. Special Adviser Else Berit Eikeland emphasized Norway’s focus on building bridges between industry and governments to set standards for operations in the Arctic. Commenting on Singapore’s role in the Arctic, Eikeland mentioned that Singapore could for example contribute through its’ “knowledge and expertise in offshore and maritime work, maritime transportation and shipping”.

Expert speakers from both countries shared insight on the workings of the Arctic Council, offshore and shipping activities and emergency prevention. Talks from speakers included Ms Else Berit Eikeland, Norway’s Senior Arctic Official to the Arctic Council, Mr Ole Kristian Bjerkemo, Chair of the Emergency Prevention and Preparedness Response (EPPR) Working Group in the Arctic Council, Ms Cyntia Wang Dewi from Keppel Offshore and Mr Haakon Svane from the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

About 100 academics, industry representatives and diplomats attended the event.

Source: Embassy of Norway in Singapore

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