Asian food part of gourmet wave in Finland

The H’noi bistro in Helsinki – Photo: EMILIA ANUNDI / HS

The trend of specializing in traditional fast-food cuisines like pizza and burgers has been one of the biggest food trends in Scandinavia over the last couple of years. In Finland this trend has now also come to Asian food, Venla Rossi from Helsingin Sanomat writes.

Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean restaurants have all started to stand out by making their own unique takes on Asian food.

Today we have places that specialize in making handmade noodles, all-vegan Thai restaurants, and bubble tea cafés that are especially hip among young people. Food enthusiasts argue over where to get the best Pho soup and where you can get the most delicious Bánh mí baguette, Venla writes.

Previously the majority of the Asian restaurants in Helsinki were focusing on just serving fast and cheap food but now that tendency has seemed to change.

One of the restaurants that leads the way in this new tendency is the small bistro H’noi. Besides serving some of the classics like Sommer Rolls, Papaya Salad, and Pho soup the restaurants also serve some of the more exotic Vietnamese dishes. Venla in this respect recommends the Banh Hoi which is a traditional Vietnamese dish that is usually served at special occasions like weddings since it requires both time and skill to prepare.

In Bahn Hoi thin rice noodles are wrapped into dumplings somewhat like a ball of yarn. These are served with crispy garlic or spring onions in oil and a sauce. Adding to that either crispy pork or chicken is served or even tofu. H’no has all these possibilities.

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