Thai tourists spend the most money in Denmark

It is a long way from Asia to Denmark, but once the Asian tourists arrive, they spend a lot of money in the country. The biggest spenders are the tourists from Thailand.

According to the latest published statistiscs, Thai tourists spend the most money when they are on holiday in Denmark. The average card transaction is DKK 1,141 when Thai tourists use their payment card in Denmark. That’s almost twice as  much as a tourist from Singapore.

Tourists from China and the special administrative region of Hong Kong follow the Thais with DKK 1,066 and DKK 885, respectively.

“When a Chinese tourist swipes his card through a terminalin Denmark, the transaction is on average more than three times higher than, for example, a Norwegian’s transaction and more than double that of a Swiss,” according to a press release from issued prior to the Covid pandemic.

Average transactions, top-10:
1. Thailand, DKK 1,141
2. China, DKK 1,066
3. Hong Kong, SAR China, DKK 885
4. Singapore, DKK 675
5. United Arab Emirates, DKK 605
6. Switzerland, DKK 516
7. USA, DKK 503
8. India, DKK 465
9. Great Britain, DKK 458
10. Germany, DKK 415.

The numbers are per payment. The news does not mention how many times per day they use their card.


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