Attracting Chinese talents is top priority for Danish CEO

Eighteen leading Danish and Denmark-based international companies jointly launched a talent-hunting alliance, the Consortium for Global Talent, earlier this week to attract and retain more skilled foreign professionals into Denmark.

Tine Horwitz, CEO of Consortium for Global Talent, who will give a speech at an EU-China Seminar on Mobility and Migration taking place in Beijing on 5-6 September, stressed that attracting Chinese talents is on the top of her agenda, Chinese Xinhua reported.

tine horwitz

She added that one of the greatest challenges for the European labor market and the EU countries is the ageing, which will put the countries in a need of 40 million immigrants in order to maintain the workforce of today within a few years.

During her visit in China Tine Horwitz will also visit Chinese universities and research institutions and discuss how to attract Chinese talents with the Chinese partners.

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