Bali is back on the charter tourism map

After a few years in the shadows the old favourite Bali is back on the list of popular travel destinations, said Swedish Fritidsresor in a press release.


In the winter season next year the travel agency offers package tours to the small Hindu island and enclave in Indonesia. Additionally the sister company Temaresor organises an active tour in Bali and Gili islands.

The island represents a unique combination of high quality, international hotels on the beautiful beaches and the island’s very own culture in terms of architecture, design and religion that characterizes every minute in the every day life.

Many people imagine Bali’s emerald terrace cultivation of rice when they hear the little island mentioned.

Some associate the island and its cultural capital Ubud with yoga and alternative outlook on life.

Other groups of travellers are attracted by the food with its fresh ingredients, grilled suckling pig, bumbu–Bali spices and unique

In addition, some tourists seek to the island simply for the climate, the beaches and the relaxed entertainment around the beach resorts and the Gili islands.

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