Berry pickers from Thailand refuse to leave Finland

25 berry pickers from Thailand refused to board their flight back home this weekend, Finnish Yle reported.

A group of berry pickers in Central Finland issued in a press release on Saturday 14 September that they would not leave Finland. According to their employer the berry company Ber-Ex Oy the group should have forwarded their flight tickets due to visa issues. Despite the change of the date, they would not leave Finland.

In the release, the berry pickers claim that Ber-Ex is trying to put pressure on them as well as denying them their legal rights and compensations. According to Yle the group also said that actions by the company have violated their human dignity.

According to Ber-Ex CEO Kari Jansa the company was obliged to move forward the berry pickers’ return flights, as they were in infringement of visa legislation. The CEO said the Thai workers were in Finland on berry picking visas, and as they now refused to pick berries, his company was obliged to help get them back home.

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