Betting is on: which animal will be killed next at Copenhagen zoo?

Paddy Power has opened up betting on which animal is likely to be killed next at Copenhagen Zoo, in what may just be the Irish bookmaker’s sickest bet yet.

The Danish zoo put down four healthy lions on 24 March – just weeks after sparking worldwide outrage by shooting dead a giraffe.copenhagen_zoo

The bookmaker is offering bets on the “next Copenhagen euthanasia report”.

It singled out a zebra at the zoo as a 5/1 favourite of being killed next, followed by a polar bear at 8/1. Odds on an antelope have been put at 6/1 and 14/1 on a tiger, while a hippopotamus is the “current outsider” at 40/1.

Paddy Power said they had tried to negotiate buying any remaining lions, but their offer has been refused by Ulrich Lindegaard Christensen, the zoo’s sales manager, who told them “he could not take their offer seriously”.

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