Relocation calls for professionalism and integrity

BluFox Relocation recently opened its doors for business, with offices in Bangkok and Singapore. A growing business in the Southeast Asian region, and one that calls for experience and integrity. 

When a couple or a family plans to move from Bangkok to Beijing, for example, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. But perhaps the biggest challenge is how to safely move the sofa, the bed and chandelier from one place to another. That’s where BluFox Relocation comes in – ready to help clients smooth out the move with a modern approach.


The Thai-Singaporean based company may be the ambitious new kid on the block in the moving industry, as a newly-established company, but members of the company’s staff have had many years of experience, said Erik Dahlstrom, the Swedish Managing Director of BluFox Relocation.

“The 16 employees that we have working in Bangkok and in Singapore are some of the best in the industry. Collectively, they have 130 years of experience. When people see our company’s name, they might think that we are new, but we consider ourselves an industry veteran.”

Erik Dahlstrom has been working in the moving industry in Thailand for major players for twenty years, until he recently decided it was time open his own business. However, operating a relocation business in Thailand only was not an option.

“We envisioned something bigger, and since there are so many Nordic expats and businesses in Singapore, we decided to open up in Singapore as well“ he said.

BluFox Relocation took over an existing moving operation in Singapore and thereby was up and running from day 1 with some of the market’s most experienced staff. The Southeast Asian moving industry is growing continuously and a lot of nationalities are moving around the region thanks to business opportunities and the large number of expat jobs available.


Tailor to the client’s needs
When a person or a family moves from one country to another, there are a lot of things that has to be taken care of. Home search, school search, orientation, visa, immigration and language training, to name but a few. BluFox Relocation can arrange for all of these things, to meet the client’s specific needs, but the main focus of the company is moving, while all the other elements can be arranged for within their own network.

First, the company schedules a visit to the client’s residence and then, based on the volume and estimated expenses for the move, BluFox Relocation will provide for an appropriate proposal.

“In relocation it is important to personalize every relocation as every customer is different and not all comes with a big budget. Perhaps the client has a grand piano that requires special handling, and you have to crate it and make sure all requests are accounted for. If a client wants their items handled with confidentiality, that’s what they’ll get. We want to differentiate ourselves by giving our operation a personal touch. Integrity, integrity, integrity, I say. That’s part of the reliability we provide when you put your trust in someone“ Erik Dahlstrom said.

A small relocation job from a client now can lead to bigger jobs in the future, and from a foundation of trust, people will call in. Or, they may have heard words of praise from one of our satisfied clients, explained the 47-year-old Swede.

BluFox Relocation deals with a lot of Nordic clients, where the personal preferences tend to play a role, and there are obvious advantages in terms of language and culture. However, the company feels perfectly at home doing business with all nationalities and have the knowledge to handle it through the international network available.

“If a client wants to move from, say, Singapore to Iraq, we can do that too.”

A modern approach

The moving business has existed for centuries and traces all the way back to the days of horse-drawn carriages. There remains a lot of conservative principles in the industry as Erik Dahlstrom sees it.

“Relocation is traditionally a family business with patriarchal structure. Nevertheless, we want to incorporate a modern, procedural way of doing things. It is not a given that today’s entrepreneur can expect to stay in business in months or years from now. We want to look at different angles in order to stay competitive and we want our staff to think outside the box”.

Erik Dahlstrom and BluFox Relocation has big ambitions for the future and where he wants to take the company to in five years’ time.

“At the risk of sounding cocky, we strive to be one of the key regional players in the industry. And we will do that by having the right partners overseas, building relationships with our clients and show them that we are here for the long run“ he pointed out.

The big season for relocation starts in April, when people usually start to plan their move, to be followed by the start of the school year around August.

“At BluFox Recolation, we are always ready to fulfill clients’ every needs.”




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