Betty Chen imports robots from China to help serve sushi in Danish restaurants

Photo: Martin Franciere

Xia “Betty” Chen came to Copenhagen from China to study 16 years ago. Today the 34-year-old restaurateur is about to open her fourth restaurant where two robots will help servers deliver sushi to customers.

Betty Chen already owns sushi restaurants in the Danish cities of Aabenraa, Sønderborg and Haderslev and here the robots are already happy helpers. Betty Chen says to JydskeVestkysten that the robots have been a great success. In China it is much more widespread than in Denmark, but it is good entertainment, good advertising and children and young people are absolutely crazy about them, Betty Chen explains.

The new restaurant on the southernmost of Denmark’s Wadden Sea Islands, Rømø, consists of both an “Asia Kitchen” buffet and the sushi restaurant Sashimi and the entire place will be able to accommodate up to 170 guests at once. In the sushi restaurant Sashimi that seats about 50 people, guests will place orders through their mobile phone from menu cards with QR codes and the food will be delivered by the robots.

Betty Chen says the robots can not serve drinks and she still needs kitchen staff and additional servers to help the robots. “We start up quietly, and we will at least be ready for the Easter holidays, says Betty Chen, who despite her other restaurants will be on Rømø in the beginning.

Photo: Martin Franciere

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