Cambodia and Sweden teams up to reform the Cambodian education system

Sweden, Cambodia and Unicef have been longstanding partners in improving the Cambodian education system. Photo: The Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

The agreement for the program ‘The Quality and Inclusive Education Support Partnership” was finalized on 19 February 2020 by the Swedish ambassador in Cambodia Bjorn Haggmark and the Cambodian minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron along with Unicef’s representative in Cambodia Cristian Munduate.

When the last signature was in place a three-year partnership between Sweden, Cambodia and Unicef was officially launched with an $8.3 million budget.

The program will aim to make the general access to education for children easier – especially for children from disadvantaged communities in Cambodia, reports the daily Phnom Penh Post.

“The partnership will contribute to advancing Cambodia’s Sustainable Development Goals, whose attainment is linked to education quality and inclusion, gender equality as well as health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene in schools. It will benefit children, particularly those from disadvantaged groups, who are struggling to realise their potential,” a joint press release from Cambodia, Sweden and Unicef said.

According to Phnom Penh Post, the Swedish ambassador Bjorn Haggmark emphasized the longstanding partnership between the Scandinavian country and the Southeast Asian country in regards of improving the quality and inclusiveness of education in Cambodia.

“Sweden is delighted to have been a longstanding partner with Unicef and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in rebuilding and strengthening the education system in Cambodia. We will continue to assist all children in Cambodia, particularly those from ethnic miniority groups, those living with disability and those from rural and urban poor areas, to access quality, inclusive and equitable education”, the ambassador said.

The partnership will run from 2020 to 2023.


Source: Phnom Penh Post

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