Carlsberg Defends itself in conflict with beer selling bar staff

Carlsberg denies that Cambrew, which brews Angkor beer and is half-owned by the Danish beer giant, illegally fired 11 beer promoters for striking against longer working hours and fixed-term contracts.

Carlsberg says the women did not strike.

“The employment contract for beer promotion assistants is a one-year fixed contract which is renewed upon mutual confirmation. 11 beer promotion
assistants chose not to sign the new contract upon renewal,” writes Carlsberg in a statement.

Read Carlsberg’s full statement here.

Read Phnom Penh Post on the subject here.

The dispute is currently at the Arbitration Council. A verdict is due at the end of the month.

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One Comment on “Carlsberg Defends itself in conflict with beer selling bar staff”

  1. Carlsberg is not open here !
    They say that in Cambodia they had the right to a permanent contract after 2 years on fixed time contracts.
    And Carlsberg did not offer them that.
    Then is it not difficult to see who is wrong here.
    It not suit the Carlsberg brand !!

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