Ceremonies in Kirkenes to honour victims

Ceremonies in Kirkenes to honour victims

During the weekend of Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October 2016, two ceremonies were held in Kirkenes to honour and remember the victims of the double shooting in late August. On 29 August, 37-year-old Pimsiri Songngam and her 12-year-old son, Petchngam Songngam, were shot in their home in Kirkenes, Norway. Pimisiri’s 59-year-old Norwegian husband is accused of the murders.

On Friday, the Thai community in Kirkenes, Norway, held a ceremony in the house where Pimsiri and her son lived, where two monks and friends of the victims attended.

On Saturday, another ceremony with 30 attendees was led by the two monks at the school that Petchngam went to in Kirkenes.

“After the tragedy that happened to Pim and Belt, we want to show them the path to get to heaven,” Duang Persen, who helped organising the ceremony at the school, says to the Norwegian newspaper iFinnmark.

Earlier the same week, the victims were cremated in Thailand. Persen says that the ceremonies in Kirkenes were held to bring a little joy locally and to wish Pimsiri and Petchngam good luck.

Source: iFinnmark

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