China eyes Denmark’s district heating systems

The Danish government are blazing a trail in pursuing a renewable energy future and is hoping its success will rub off on others.

Interviewed in Deutsche Welle online this week, leading energy spokespersons emphasised the roles district energy and combined heat and power can play in cleaner and more prosperous future.district_heating_den

Kristoffer Böttzauw, the deputy director general of the Danish energy agency Energistyrelsen, which coordinates Denmark’s energy policy said China was paying attention to Danish methods.

“China has expressed a great interest in our district heating systems, along with biomass technology and offshore wind turbines,” said Böttzauw. “We went to China to help deal with the energy and climate problems caused by economic growth there” – the same motivation that has driven Denmark’s energy policies.”

“We just want to show that it’s feasible.”

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