Suicidal Norwegian injures self, jumping off rooftop

A Norwegian man threatened to electrocute himself on Monday evening at the Jomtien Restaurant Pattaya. The police was called to the scene of action, where the man ended up jumping off the roof.

37-year-old Per Lund was standing on the second floor threating to jump off and down onto the electric transformer.
The Police was called to try to negotiate with the man and restaurant manager Khun Aton told the police, that the man had ordered a steak and when the meal was served he chose to harm himself with the knife before running to the rooftop.
Mr. Lund’s girlfriend told the police that the incident occurred because of an argument they had had early about an ex-girlfriend.

After a 3 hour long standoff Mr. Lund decided to jump from the roof but did only sustain minor injuries as police and rescue people already had made preparations for a jump.
He is now currently in the hospital and the police will follow-up on the cause once he is fit to give an statement.

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