China in strong growth on the organic front

Danes are the world champions when it comes to organic foods. When looking at the share of organic sales in grocery shops, Danes scores the highest. Now China is giving the world a brief run for its money. New report finds China to be the top four on the organic market worldwide.

Photo: Økologisk Landsforening

During the last ten years organic sales have doubled in Denmark and have accounted for 9,7 percent of all groceries sold, the Danish newspaper Berlingske say. That places Denmark to be the top number one country in the world with the largest organic share of retail trade. Now China is catching up and is ranked fourth since organic food was traded for 44 billion Danish crowns in 2017.

Globally organic trading accounted for 540 billion Danish crowns in 2016, according to the international report “The World of Organic Agriculture” which was published at this year’s BioFach in Nürnberg, Germany. USA is still by far the largest organic market globally with a turnover of 290 billion Danish crowns in 2016.

Organic production is a rapidly developing business area with a great market. And now might be the time to throw an extra glance at organic export to China, – a market in strong growth.

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