Danish badminton-star cover for Chinese seafood distributor

The Danish badminton player Mathias Christiansen can now be seen getting ready for a smash on the cover of the Chinese seafood distributor Bei Yang Jia Mei Seafood Products.

The Chinese seafood distributor has but Mathias Christiansen on the cover of their product

Mathias Christiansen is a high-ranking double and mixed-double player, who most recently won a gold medal at the 2018 India Open tournaments with partner Christinna Pedersen.

Badminton’s popularity is rising in China with nets being set up in parks and carparks across the country.

Both countries excel in badminton with China dominating the number one ranked players but Denmark being the only representative of northern Europe in the top positions.

Mathias Christiansen is not among the top-ranking players as of today, but he is slowly climbing the ladder towards international recognition.

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