China is supposedly willing to resolve South China Sea dispute

China has stated that the country is willing to resolve the dispute over the South China Sea with neighbors through dialogue.

“China is always willing to resolve differences through dialogue with relevant countries. We seek an effective way to manage the maritime situation,” Beijing diplomat, Wang Yi has been quoted saying. Wang was addressing the issue at the Global Town Hall 2023 via a video link on Saturday, September 2.

His remarks came days after China released its new map “China Standard Map Edition 2023.” The map triggered several reactions from neighboring nations, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India.

The map of China’s famous U-shaped line makes up around 90% of the South China Sea. The area is one of the world’s most contested waterways and the source of more than $3 trillion in trade annually.

Malaysia said on Wednesday it does not recognize Beijing’s claims in the disputed area as outlined in the Chinese map.


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