China reacts harsh to Swedish newspaper editorial

The Embassy of China in Stockholm – Photo: MAGNUS HALLGREN / DN / TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅN

On Monday the Swedish newspaper Expressen released an editorial article in which they urged for Swedish support for Taiwan against the continuously more aggressive China. Democracies must stick together the editorial reads.

The declaration of support for Taiwan didn’t sit well with the Embassy of China in Sweden. The day after the editorial was published the embassy released a sharp criticism of it. China believes that the message of the editorial conflicts with the principal of there only being “One China”. The Embassy’s respond reads:

“Chinas sovereignty and territory has never been divided and segregation will never be allowed for. Regardless of Taiwan’s political system the status of the Chinese province will never change.”

Furthermore, the embassy believes that supporting an independent Taiwan is a risk to the regional stability and peace.

“Hopefully Expressen will respect Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity and not support separatist ideas of “Taiwan independence”. We urge Expressen to publish this letter to clarify the issue and keep their readers objectively informed,” the Embassy of China in Sweden’s letter reads.

The Embassy of China in Sweden has criticized Expressen and Swedish journalists on multiple occasions. But Expressen will not change their course in this matter the chief editor says.

“The Chinese regime has the resources to continuously engage in applying political pressure. We have the resources to continuously publish relevant analysis and critique of China,” Chief Editor of Expressen Klas Granström says.


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