China’s ambassador to Sweden drives despite ban

China’s ambassador to Sweden breaks the law when he drives his car.

Like most other cars, the ambassador’s car must undergo regular inspections, but since the embassy has failed to have the car inspected, it has been banned from driving since January 2022.

Still, the ambassador uses the car to get around the streets of Stockholm.

“Diplomat vehicles must have an approved control inspection in order to be driven,” the Swedish Transport Agency said.

The Chinese embassy to Sweden has nine registered cars. The finest is the luxurious variant of Volvo’s S90 called Excellence from 2018, which is used by ambassador Cui Aimin.

Driving a car with a driving ban is an offense in Sweden that can result in a fine.

The Chinese embassy has said, that it is careless that the car hasn’t been inspected, and it will be so immediately. Furthermore, the embassy has stated, that measures will be taken to avoid something similar in the future.

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