Chinese influencer sells Norwegian cod liver oil on TikTok

Chinese TikTok influencer Xiu Xian sold 11,000 bottles of Norwegian cod liver oil in less than two hours.

Norwegian company Orkla have been inviting Chinese TikTokers and influencers to Lofoten, Norway to sell Möller’s cod liver oil to the Chinese consumer.

One of them is TikTok influencer and nutritionist Xiu Xian who has more than 5 million followers. She did a live stream from her hotel room in Lofoten that got a lot of attention. In less than a two-hour live broadcast, more than 11,000 bottles of cod liver oil were sold.

“I focus on helping people to stay in shape and make healthy choices,” said Xiu afterwards to Lofotposten.

TikTok use has increased dramatically in recent years. In Norway, 1.2 million people have the app on their phone. A number that has doubled in two years.

Möller’s Tran wants to export more cod liver oil to China. Therefore, they are testing selling the products to customers via social media.

“The Chinese market is large and full of opportunities. Foreign dietary supplement products in particular appeal to the Chinese. Imported dietary supplements are considered by many to be of particularly high quality,” Linn Helen Haga, brand manager at Möller’s says.

The cod liver oil are currently sold in over 30 markets internationally, of which China is one of Möller’s largest markets and investment areas in Asia.


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