Chinese-manufactured Boson-brand test is the most-sold antigen test in Finland

The Chinese-manufactured Boson-brand test, distributed by Pamark Group, is the most-sold antigen test in Finland and so far this month, Pamark has imported three million home test kits.

YLE writes that the demand for at-home Covid tests in Finland over the Christmas holiday has been outpacing supply countrywide as grocery stores and pharmacies have underestimated people’s interest in testing themselves ahead of the holiday.

Although there has been a concern about people hoarding tests, Minna Åman-Toivio, who runs Pamark, said the issue is more about logistics than people stocking up on test kits. 

“A huge volume of tests is parcelled into hundreds of smaller deliveries making their way through the logistics chain,” she explained, adding that this process includes customs, warehouse transport, loading, and unloading as well as repackaging.

Pamark expects to import another one million test kits before the end of the year, and it also plans to continue bringing in a million kits weekly in January, the company said. 

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