Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Interest in Greenland is exaggerated

The Chinese Government is now officially putting a damper on the expectations for massive investments in mining on Greenland.

An official from from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, now says that some media and certain persons have created the idea that China is betting big on Greenland.

“I believe that the current discussion regarding China’s investments in Greenland is far beyond the truth,” she said according to Danish NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende on Monday at a press conference at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Rumors of some 3000 Chinese workers, who supposedly was to run a mine in Greenland, has created quite a stir. The Greenland election last Tuesday was mainly an issue of how the raw material and findings should be taxed. The Chinese statement might put a damper on expected revenue.

According to NORDJYSKE, the Chinese official was very well prepared for all questions regarding China’s investments in Greenland. She was asked about China’s opinion of the election winner, Aleqa Hammond who aims for more control of foreign investments.

“As far as I know, Greenland have 20 licences for exploring for oil and gas and more than 100 licences for foreign companies. Non of theses were given to a Chinese company and there are no Chinese workers in Greenland. Only one Chinese company is now a part of another country’s investment.”

The Danish Government is currently working on a proposition that will clear the way for bringing foreign workers to Greenland in large numbers.

The British company London Mining is interested in building a mine in a remote area about 150 kilometers north east of the capital Nuuk. Two Chinese companies, Sinosteel Equipment and Engineering and China Communications Construction Corp has been chosen by the British company to build the mine according to news agency Reuters.

So far London Mining has no investors for the DKK 14 billion that it will cost to build.




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