Sleepy children’s show from Denmark is a hit in China

Every night when kids of Denmark have their bedtime, the same goes for their favorite characters from TV. Danish National Television Network DR ends their all day children’s channel Ramasjang by sending all characters and hosts to bed. All night long, the channel shows footage of snoring and dreaming actors in costumes to signal to kids that there is no more TV today and that it is time to go to bed. So far the concept only exists in Denmark but now it has also become a hit in China.

State Television CCTV showed a 30 second feature with footage of the sleeping characters.

“In the show, the famous hosts and characters sleep 10 hours every night. According to many parents the show is fantastic because their kids go to bed on their own hoping to meet their favorite characters in their dreams,” the speaker said.

CCTV is aired in most of the country and a very large number of Chinese were looking when a sleeping teddy bear from Denmark filled the screen.

Chinese reporter Celine Huang from Chengdu Economic Daily says that the show is interesting as there is nothing alike in China.

“It’s a funny way to learn about the culture of other countries.  In China, sleeping is the most boring you can show on television – especially for kids,” she said and adds:

“However it works here because it is a living setting and at the same time it signalizes to the children that they are not missing out on anything by sleeping.”

Nobody really knows how the sleepy television show reached China, but Celine Huang believes that Chinese students in Denmark saw the show and put in online. She says that she know many parents who show the clip on youtube to get their children to bed.



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