Chinese parents interested in Danish educational matters

May 30, the Consulate General and the Innovation Centre in Shanghai gave Chinese parents presentations about Danish educational matters. The parents especially wanted to learn how Danes go about parenting and how much they interfere in their children’s future.

The subjects were among others the Danish school system, parenting in Denmark, being young in Denmark and young people’s way through the education system.

The event was held at the Jing’An Children’s Library in Shanghai, where Innovation Attaché Nina Espegård Hassel from the Innovation Centre and Nicoline Jonasen, each gave a presentation to 20 Chinese parents.

Nina Espegård Hassel has been innovation attaché at the Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai in China since September 1, 2014. Since 2006 Nina has worked with research and innovation as both special consultant in the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and strategic advisor in the Lundbeck Foundation.

Bilateral collaborations
The innovation centre helps Danish companies and researchers navigate in China and opens doors for research and business opportunities. Shanghai is the Asian center within research and innovation. China is currently investing large amounts of money in research, innovation and businesses.

Denmark and China have a bilateral collaboration agreement on research and development. To ensure the best possible implementation of this agreement, a Danish-Chinese steering committee has been established.

The purview of the steering committee is to monitor the development in the knowledge cooperation between Denmark and China and to advise the responsible ministers in both countries on the possibilities for strengthening this cooperation.

The bilateral agreements between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and Chinese actors are negotiated through the innovation attaché.

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