Chinese scientists awarded Volvo environmental prize

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) — Chinese scientist Dr. Qin Dahe was awarded here the 2013 Volvo Environment Prize Tuesday night for his outstanding scientific contribution in the field of climate change.

Prof. Will Steffen, Volvo Environment Prize Jury highly praised Qin’s researches and work, which had been achieved under “very extreme situations.”swed_chinscientist

He said the world should share those qualified scientific information about China that was not available in the past.

Lena Ek, Swedish Minister of Environment, said ground-breaking sciences require outstanding scientists, but to make changes also requires brave men.

She lauded Qin as a man of bravery, who was able to explain clear to people the most complicated sciences, saying based on understanding people were able to take actions, she said

Qin, the first Chinese scientist awarded such prize, has been recognized internationally as a key contributor to the fifth assessment report from the UN climate panel (IPCC). The first section of the report, Physical Science Basis, was released in September.

The highly respected and internationally recognized glaciologist and climate scientist also attracted wide attention last year with a report on how climate change leads to more extreme weather events.

Qin, a leading expert on Cryosphere in central high Asia, found the that glaciers have important impact on water resources and ecosystems for more than 2 billion people in Asia. The cryosphere is one of the main components of the Earth’s climate system, comprising snow, river and lake ice sea ice, glaciers, ice shelves, and frozen ground.

Upon receiving the award, Qin said he was honored as a Chinese scientist, appreciating the recognition of his works and emphasizing “this award is the honor of my team.”

“China attaches importance to practices and explorations for well-coordinated economic and environmental development and promotes sustainable development as a strategy for future development,” releasing an action plan to restructure its energy consumption and to tackle its environment challenges, he said.

Together with his wife and two granddaughters, Qin was welcomed by more than 300 Swedish and Chinese guests on the awarding ceremony.

Olof Persson, president and CEO of Volvo Group and chairman of the Volvo Environment Prize Foundation, said to Xinhua, “I hope this Prize will grant him the recognition that his contribution deserves, and encourage him with energy for his future researches.”

Source: Xinhua

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