Chinese students visited Danish school in cultural meeting

August 13 was a very special day for the Danish Boarding School Stenhus Kostskole in Holbæk. 30 Chinese students and the Chinese cultural attaché visited the school in a cultural meeting between the Danish and the Chinese students.

The visit was arranged by the Chinese Embassy and Holbæk Municipality in collaboration. During the day the Chinese students demonstrated classic Chinese disciplines such as handwriting Chinese signs, coloring and building dragons, paper cutting and translations of Danish names in Chinese.

The students at Stenhus Kostskole are taught in Chinese, but it easily takes a whole life to learn how to speak Chinese, so they also had the chance to speak English with the Chinese students. The Mayor of Holbæk also attended the meeting and with help from a Chinese student he created paper figures from H. C. Andersen’s recipe.

The ambition is to have a new cultural meeting with Chinese students in 2014, and hopefully it can take place in one of the public schools in Holbæk Municipality, the Embassy hopes.

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