Crashed tourist bus in Malaysia was overloaded

37 people were killed in a car crash in Malaysia on Wednesday. The following inspection from the scene of the accident shows that the bus was loaded with more people than the permission allowed, Danish News desk AFP reports.

The driver apparently ignored that the bus was packed with 53 passengers, even though it was only allowed to carry 44 passengers.  The accident happened in Genting Highlands i Pahang, a one hour car ride outside Kuala Lumpur, as the bus slipped of the road in a curve and plunged into a deep ravine.

According to the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur there were no Danish tourists involved, and the 13 women and 24 men who are confirmed killed are people from China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand. 16 passengers are still hospitalized and their nationality have not yet been confirmed.

bus crash

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