Consul General in Guangzhou hosts Hi-Fi event

The Consulate General of Denmark in Guangzhou organised an exquisite Hi-Fi event for a very select group of people at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou the 30th of November.bangolufsen

Consul General Ole Lindholm was the host of the event and the Consulate General of Denmark in Guangzhou partnered with the Super Sports Car Club of South China to promote three of the most extraordinary Hi-Fi brands from Denmark, Avance, B&O and Steinway Lyngdorf, to a very special group of invited guests in Guangzhou.

The Consul General kicked off the evening with a speech in which he declared.

“When it comes to design, technology, performance and over-all perfection, Denmark has companies specialising in producing the most exclusive and luxurious products within high fidelity. Here we can honestly say that the participating companies are second to no one,” said Ole Lindholm.

Source: Consulate General in Guangzhou, China

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