Copenhagen Airport facilitates Chinese passengers

Copenhagen Airport has further underlined the growing commercial importance of Chinese passengers by introducing Chinese-speaking guides to its terminals and adapting some of its digital offers.

The hub has hired 17 guides, all of whom live in Denmark, to help Chinese passengers in their own language.

A Chinese-language version of the airport's mobile app will be introduced this week
A Chinese-language version of the airport’s mobile app will be introduced

It is also this week  rolling out a Chinese-language version of its recently-launched 360-degree digital wayfinding tool, which allows passengers to see their route through the airport before they arrive. In a further digital push, it is also considering introducing a Chinese-language version of its mobile application, which has already been downloaded more than 460,000 times.

Over 50,000 Chinese travellers pass through Copenhagen Airport each year and the next few days are expected to be particularly busy because many participants in the Kopenhagen Fur auctions will be travelling back to China.

Sales and Marketing Vice President Carsten Nørland said the guides had been introduced because, in its research, the airport had found that many Chinese passengers were having difficulties finding their way around.

“Although Chinese travellers make up only a very small fraction of our passengers, several luxury shops at the airport report that close to half their sales are to Chinese passengers,” he added.

Meanwhile, according to cultural expert Hanna Leanderdal of Danish consulting firm Kinakonsulenten, Chinese consumers are used to a high level of service and expect it even when they are abroad.

“Language is one of the greatest barriers facing Chinese travellers, so it is an excellent idea to provide guides to make Chinese travellers feel more welcome,” she said.

Source: The Moodie Report News Room

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