Copenhagen shops pay Chinese guides kickbacks for rich tourists

Chinese guides demand thousands of kroner from luxury shops in exchange for bringing them wealthy Chinese tourists, Berlingske newspaper reports.richchinese

Luxury shops told the newspaper how the guides refuse to bring the tourists unless they are paid a cut of between five and ten percent of the sales made from the wealthy Chinese shoppers.

The practise was an industry secret in Copenhagen until several shops recently spoke out about how they were boycotted by the guides because they refused to pay the cut.

While not illegal, the tourism organisation Wonderful Copenhagen would rather the city was not associated with such practises.

Source: Copenhagen Post

4 Comments on “Copenhagen shops pay Chinese guides kickbacks for rich tourists”

  1. come on folks, don’t be a prude, it tha same all over the world, no matter where you are going as tourist

  2. This practice (rip-off) is all over Thailand and it’s unacceptable to most western tourist. Lovely Copenhagen should not destroy the good name and business tradition.

  3. The Asian Way yes.But who would say that we in Nordic Countries would have to take after Asians corrupted manners
    in our own countries ?
    Talking about Thailand i can partly understand this as local guides here are working with rather poor salaries.
    They are living mostly by the tips ! The employers know this
    and can thus continue to keep the salaries on such a level.Reason why they also take clients to shops giving commissions. Could write more but stop here now!

  4. This is the Asian way: wasted effort to try ask Thai tourist guides to take you to anywhere else than the beach resorts that give them the best bonuses and free meals. You end up in places like Paradise Beach with thousands of angry tourists in a crampled small beach. It is only paradise to the resort owners.

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