Corona critical Danish doctor makes money on selling test kits from China

Vibeke Manniche is seen here for a demonstration in Denmark against covid-19 restrictions in 2020. Photo: Anthon Unger

It might seem paradoxical that the well-known Danish doctor and corona critic Vibeke Manniche has done so much to talk the covid-19 pandemic down in the last many months while she is co-owner of the company Medikal, which imports and sells saliva tests from China, Finans writes.

According to the company’s website, the saliva tests are ‘crucial for public health’ and can ‘significantly reduce the risk of spreading the infection’. 

From the very beginning of the pandemic, Vibeke Manniche has been active in the debate on whether the Danish government’s closure of the country was necessary, just as she has been critical of both the corona passport and the test strategy. Nevertheless, Vibeke Manniche has chosen to take part in the test strategy by selling saliva tests through the company she owns with her son, David Manniche.

Finans has asked Vibeke Manniche why she is a co-owner of a corona test company when she is actively talking down the pandemic. However, she refers to her son, who owns 51 percent of the company.

Vibeke Manniche’s son David Manniche does not want to be interviewed but writes in a response that for him it was an ambition to focus on saliva tests and an attempt to make it as easy as possible for Danes to be tested for covid-19 by replacing antigen nose tests with equally safe saliva tests. Saliva tests also remove the discomfort that was (and is) associated with antigen nasal tests, he writes.

David Manniche explains that Medikal’s saliva test is imported from China, where the company, according to him, has a strong network.

Finally, David Manniche states that Medikal was the first company to offer corona saliva tests in Denmark and that the company has experienced great satisfaction among customers. He adds that his mother is not part of the operations of Medikal and that the company takes covid-19 very seriously.

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  1. Why is this a problem. I Invest in many companies that I don’t necessarily agree with, they earn, that’s what counts.

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