Danes abroad, who are moving home to Denmark

Danes abroad who want to move back to Denmark have few places to seek proper information.

One website, where most everything you may need is included, is the website of the municipality of Silkeborg.

The website has gathered the main advice in one place which is very useful for Danes abroad. Below, this information is translated into English:

First rule is, that you can not report your relocation back to Denmark online, you must meet up personally in Borgerservice in the municipality where you have decided to reside and bring your passport.

When you move back to Denmark, remember:

  • to report to the Citizen Register (folkeregisgteret).
  • to choose a doctor (otherwise one will be automatically selected for you).
  • to contact SKAT (revenue department) for the preliminary statement and tax card.

Depending on your situation, be aware of whether you should:

  • Apply for a residence permit to your foreign spouse.
  • Register yourself at the job center as available on the labour market and apply for economic assistance in the municipality.
  • Register yourself in a Danish union for unemployment benefits.
  • Apply for maternity leave and maternity support.
  • Change your foreign driving license to a Danish driving license.


From Borger.dk there is additional advise:

When you want to move back to Denmark, there are several things to be aware of

Report entry

If you are a Danish citizen and will stay in Denmark for more than three months, you may be registered in the CPR (folkeregistret) if you have a place to live.

The municipality where you choose to settle will probably require you to meet up personally in the public service office of the municipality to be registered in the CPR (folkeregistret), choose a doctor, etc.

  • bring your passport and documentation for your new, local Danish residence

If you stay in Denmark for less than three months, you can not be registered in the CPR (folkeregistret) as having re-entered Denmark to live here.

You can not pre-register yourself as a citizen while you are abroad – you must actually have moved before you can do this.

Choosing your own doctor

You must inform the citizen service of the doctor you wish to have – otherwise a doctor will automatically be chosen for you. You can choose a doctor who has access to new patients here:

How do I get a health card?

Once you have been registered in the CPR, you will after approx. two to three weeks receive a health card (the former health insurance certificate). It will be sent to you by mail.

About searching jobs
You must contact the job center in your area if you are unemployed and seeking a job. You will find your local job center at jobcenter.dk.

How do I get a tax card?
When you are registered with the CPR as a returning citizen of Denmark, contact the Tax Authority at +45 72 22 28 92 as soon as possible and speak to the Foreign Department. This applies regardless of whether you have income from Denmark, from abroad or from both places.

The tax authorities need the following information in order to make the tax card over the phone:

  • Social Security number
  • Information about income from Denmark and abroad
  • Information on deductions (eg unemployment insurance, union membership, transport cost, etc.).
  • Information on the purchase of housing in Denmark
  • Information about foreign property and possibly rental of them
  • Information about Danish and foreign accounts, securities, deposits and pension schemes.

Daily allowance and unemployment benefits

When you return to Denmark after a work-time job as an employee in an EEA country, you are no longer a member of a Danish unemployment fund.

You must therefore apply for admission to your Danish unemployment insurance again. The application must be sent within eight weeks after your insurance cover ends in the EEA country in which you were previously insured. If you do not comply with the eight-week deadline, it may affect your entitlement to unemployment benefit.

As a rule, you can only be admitted to a Danish unemployment insurance scheme when you are resident and resident in Denmark. You have the opportunity to transfer research and working periods earned in another EEA country to an Danish unemployment insurance scheme in Denmark.

In some cases you have the opportunity to become a member of or maintain the membership of Danish Danish unemployment insurance scheme during work abroad. If you have legally retained your membership of Danish unemployment insurance fund during your working period in another EEA country, follow the usual Danish rules in regards to enrollment, vacancy etc.

Eight-week period

If you have been employed in an EEA country and you have been a member of a Danish unemployment fund in the past five years, you must apply for admission to your Danish unemployment insurance scheme in writing. The application must be sent within eight weeks after your insurance cover ends in the EEA country in which you were previously insured.

If you have not been a member of a Danish unemployment fund in the last five years, you must have completed a work in addition to the written application within eight weeks (the work must last a total of 296 hours within three months ).

If you do not comply with the eight-week deadline, you must be registered as a new member – and will then only be entitled to unemployment benefits after one year.

You can contact your Danish unemployment fund, which can provide you with information on how to prepare your return. You will find a list of Danish unemployment insurance scheme on the National Board of Occupational Injuries:

Financial assistance and housing support
You can apply for cash assistance if you are unable to support yourself or your family for a period of time. To get cash help, you must firstly:

If you are renting your residence you may – depending on your income – be eligible for housing support.

Pension and abroad

If you believe that you are entitled to a foreign pension before you reach 67, contact Payout Denmark, which manages the pension area in Denmark. You can read more about the rules here:

If my spouse is a foreigner

If your spouse is an EU / EEA citizen or citizen in one of the Nordic countries, he / she does not need a residence permit to live in Denmark.

If, however, your spouse is a third-country national – ie citizen in a country outside the Nordic countries and EU / EEA countries – a valid residence permit is required.

Your foreign spouse may be entitled to a residence permit pursuant to the rules on family reunification. If you have lived in another EU / EEA country, special rules apply.

Childcare and school choice

If you have children, the municipality’s civil service can tell you about day care centers and schools, as well as the center can also inform you about childcare. Below you can read more about possibilities for childcare and school and education options.

Car and driving license
If you bring with you a car on foreign license plates, you must have completed the Vehicle Authority’s “5 Steps to Importing a Vehicle” within 30 days after entering Denmark. Only when Danish registration fee has been paid for the assessment price can the car get Danish license plates.

Whether you have to pay customs and VAT for the car depends on whether you are transporting the vehicle from an EU country or from a country outside the European Union.

If you have a foreign driving license when moving home, you may need to switch to a Danish in the municipality’s civil service.

Access the full website of the text above:

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  1. Born in Denmark but residing and a citizen of Canada, can I still move back to Denmark and regain my citizenship?

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