KIS International School opens new building – and more great KIS news

KIS has several developments and news about the school to share with the Nordic community.

Another Year of Excellent IB Diploma Results

Once again, KIS’s graduating class all participated in the full IB Diploma and all of them passed, obtaining their IB Diploma. The average score of our students was over 34 points, well above the world average which usually stands at around 30 points. The school’s long term average of 34 points places it amongst the top competitive schools in the world. In addition to this excellent result, 50% of our students received a bilingual diploma.

KIS continues IB and CIS accreditation

The school received visits from The Council of International Schools and the International Baccalaureate recently as part of their regular 5-year re-evaluation of the school. The organizations complimented the school and confirmed KIS’s status as an authorized IB World School and a CIS accredited school.

KIS celebrates 20th Anniversary

Opened in 1998, the school celebrates the completion of its 20th anniversary. The school has always been a full IB World School and has enjoyed steady growth year upon year. KIS currently has around 700 students.

New KIS building

Opening of New Building

In line with the wishes of the school community, KIS has added a new building with an arts center, design center, drama suite, school shop and offices. These facilities open next week. An additional swimming pool and 2 indoor sports courts will open in January.

New Board Member

Ray Davis, new Adviser on the KIS board

We are very happy to announce that Ray Davis has joined KIS’s Executive Board as Advisor. Ray is Director of School Support & Evaluation Services at the Council of International Schools (CIS), where he has a global responsibility for supporting over 740 CIS member schools, in 116 countries, that participate in the CIS accreditation and evaluation process.

A Londoner by birth, Ray worked in public education in the UK and was Head of a large school situated near Heathrow Airport. He has subsequently led international schools in Singapore and Malaysia. He has been involved in global child protection and safeguarding. Ray has an MA in International Education Management from the University of Bath.


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