Webinar on Danish tax and pension 24 March

Danes worldwide is inviting its members to an online information meeting regarding tax and pension conditions for Danes abroad. 

The invitation reads:

“As a Dane abroad, there are special tax and pension conditions that you should be aware of – both abroad, but also if you one day return home to Denmark. Danes Worldwide, therefore, invites you to an online information meeting, 24 March at 16: 30-18: 30, where our two experts, Michael Thomsen and Finn Madsen, will guide you through the rules in the field. 

At the information meeting we will discuss the following topics:

Tax by Finn Madsen

  • Conditions in Denmark that can trigger/retain Danish tax liability
  • When does full tax liability occur, what does it mean, and can it be avoided or postponed?
  • When does the tax domicile change
  • Is there a tax agreement between Denmark and country X
  • Considerations concerning investments

Pension by Michael Thomsen

  • Transfer of pension schemes from abroad
  • Transfer of pension schemes abroad
  • Taxation of payments from pension schemes abroad
  • Population registration when moving in
  • Conditions for national pension – the accrual principle
  • Favor
  • Taxation of returns

It will subsequently be possible to ask clarifying questions of a general nature.

About the experts:

Finn Madsen is a tax partner in PwC. Finn Madsen focuses on advising people who move across national borders on the following; tax, social security, pension, parental purchase, purchase of holiday homes, etc.

Michael Thomsen is chief consultant in Danske Bank’s tax department, where he primarily advises on pensions, investments, and the purchase and sale of real estate – not only for customers who live or have lived abroad but also foreigners who come to Denmark.

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