Young Global Danes gives returning young professionals a network

On 25 January 2021 the Danish embassy in Vietnam mentioned a new career building network, Young Global Danes, is being launched by Danes Worldwide on 2 December 2020. It is supported by a grant from the Tuborg Foundation of DKK 250,000.

Backed by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and trade organization Danish Shipping, the initiative meets a strong demand among young Danes aged 18 to 26 who live abroad and want to move to or return to Denmark to study or work but find that they lack insight into the business environment in Denmark.

The network is intended to help such young people settle in Denmark and leverage their skills in the country’s international job market. The grant support enables delivery of a thorough introduction to job markets and career opportunities in Denmark for global Danes with highly desirable intercultural experience. Young Global Danes will be working to bring employers and candidates together through site visits at Danish companies and through educational events covering career opportunities, competencies, and workplace culture.

Danielle B. Lyndgård, Senior Manager, Consulting Services – DI Global Talent:
“Denmark needs global talent in its companies in order to secure innovation for the future. Such talent is found among young Danes who have been living outside Denmark for any length of time. Their experience from abroad gives them a global outlook and helps them succeed in workplaces with multiple nationalities.”

Anne W. Trolle, VP of Labour Market, Recruitment and Training – Danish Shipping:
“In a global industry like shipping it is essential for us to attract young people who regard the entire world as their domain. The young expat Danes returning to study or work are equipped with an outlook and a mindset making them highly attractive among the shipping lines. We are looking forward to hosting Young Global Danes for visits and to supporting this worthwhile initiative.”

Anne Marie Dalgaard, Secretary General – Danes Worldwide:
“Danes Worldwide is grateful for the grant from the Tuborg Foundation in support of our Young Global Danes initiative. Our surveys have shown that many expat Danes aged 18-30 return to Denmark to settle, and that group is a key one for us. With the Tuborg Foundation support and the backing from Danish Shipping and the Confederation of Danish Industry, we will be in a position to arrange professional meetings and onsite visits to companies to help the young people prepare for working in the Danish job market. We are looking forward to that project!”

Peter Giacomello, Administration Manager – Tuborg Foundation:
“The Tuborg Foundation assists the business community in Denmark by promoting the energy and innovative ideas of young people. That is why we are getting behind Danes Worldwide and its new career network for young expat Danes.”
More information about the project

For more information about the youth programme here

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